Admiral Park and Playground

Admiral David Dixon Porter (1813-1891), for whom both the park and the adjacent Public School 94 are named, was born in Chester, Pennsylvania. He followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the United States Navy. During the Civil War, Porter served under Admiral Farragut during the capture of New Orleans. Later, as the commander of the Mississippi River Squadron, he joined General Ulysses S. Grant in the historic Vicksburg Campaign and was promoted to rear admiral, one rank below full admiral. In January 1865, Porter directed the bombardment of Fort Fisher in Wilmington, North Carolina. Porter was promoted to full admiral after Farragut’s death in 1870, and he remained the most senior officer in the Navy for the next 21 years.

In 1951, the City of New York acquired the land adjacent to P.S. 94 and constructed a park for the school’s use. The City named the new park in honor of Sy Seplowe, a community activist and youth advocate who founded the Little Neck-Douglaston Youth Club and was a founding member of Community Board 11. In 1985, Parks renamed the property Admiral Park; however, the playground within the park continues to be known as Sy Seplowe Playground (see separate entry).

The park’s nautical theme was inspired by Admiral Porter’s career in the U.S. Navy. The nautical motif is especially evident in the spray shower, a magnificent, 15-foot-tall sea serpent.


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